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Dr Paul Mac Menamin


Welcome to our web site. If you have any questions or to make an appointment please feel free to call us at (631) 589-2967.

Dr Mac Menamin has been providing in home care for pets since 1989. The area served is the south shore of Long Island from West Islip / Babylon to East Port. See the areas visited

The Home Visit Veterinarian is a full service veterinary practice offering well pet annual exams, consultation and treatment of many illnesses.

Or call us at 631-589-2967 to arrange an appointment for a visit. If e-mailing please include your name and contact phone # , reason for the visit, and the requested day and time for the appointment.

Appointments are scheduled hourly on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays

~ We offer complete care for Dogs and Cats.

~ Thorough physical exams in your own home. Appropriate vaccinations depending on your pets individual needs.

~ No "Waiting room stress" or major car cleaning after the vet visit.

~ Minor surgery and dental care can be performed at home.

~ Affiliated with a full service Hospital for pets requiring X-rays, Surgery and Hospitalization.

~ Cryosurgery (Liquid Nitrogen freezing) can be performed at home, most pets do not require sedation.

~ Euthanasia, the compasionate, dignified end to your pets suffering.